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About Us

In a current music state affairs, it has become very difficult for many music talents to get the attention they deserve – from being playlisted on radio to getting a simple review. With this continuous challenge, most of these talents are then left in the dark and with almost uncertainty of ever getting a fair run in the ever-growing competitive industry.

Music Link is an online music publication that grants opportunity those who want to get a word out and brag about their music activities. Ground shakers, talented lyricists, skilled producers, know-it-all managers, event organizers and music business specialists who have their game on the lock-down. The publication offers readers a fresh music content: opinion pieces, reviews, interviews, charts, news, current hottest tunes, video conversations, industry insight, educational information and predictions of songs that our skilled team of critics believe are likely to blow-up in the coming months.

Through this platform, talents are able to submit their music, which will be put under scrutiny before being passed on to the content team for review. Furthermore, the portal is a music industry content hub where readers get to enjoy more than just reading about their favourate music maestros. It is through Music Link that not only prominent artists are given the platform to shine; also those that have never been spoken about are given same treatment – leveling the playing field and treating all music talents equal.

Music Link publishes variety of content from the complicated music industry business information to light stories. In the world of today where most people spend so much time online searching for audio and videos to watch, the publication is heavily driven and fascinated by this idea. It also puts a spotlight on songs that are not in the mainstream but stand a great chance to becoming popular if discovered.

This digital publication is aimed at being an online platform that allows people from all walks of life to visit the portal in search for fresh music content and get a dose of strong opinion on variety of critical industry matters.

Readers can subscribe to our weekly newsletter so they can be always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and music.

Welcome to this dedicated online publication that is aimed at promoting the South African music to the world, helping unknown talents to be discovered at the same time letting industry legends to teach the growing minds how it’s done.

Music Link is a brainchild of the music industry consultant, content and digital media specialist, Passionate Touch Consulting.


Music File Disclaimer

Due to the nature of business we are in, Music Link is aware of legal challenges and implications that may arise as a result of us having published a song for review or music that may have been used In The Mix section.

Music Link is not by any way a music streaming platform, online music selling store or file hosting site. This is an online music publication with a mandate to ONLY help expose musical talents, develop and grow the South African music industry.

In this light, by letting Music Link review your music, which at times will be in audio format or submit your mixes for In The Mix section, you agree to our terms and conditions, letting us waiver any royalties claims that may be brought against this publication.

Every audio file used on Music Link is purely for artist’s publicity which is therefore, royalty-free file. This is our promise that the content used within the terms of this agreement, will not infringe any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property right or violate any right of privacy or publicity.