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Group of the moment, Durban Nyts

A Closer Look At The Hit ‘Shumaya’

So Durban is at it again with ‘Shumaya’, a tune by Durban Nyts featuring Trademark on beats and Zinhle Ngidi on the catchy sing-along chorus.  The song has been doing rounds for quite sometime and pretty much dominating the local music industry scene. Of course it will not come as a surprise to know that this very same tune is slowly becoming a national anthem even in the neighboring countries and getting some love from the international market as well.

I remember listening to this song when it was released late last year and thought it was a fairly good composition. Personally, Zinhle Ngidi made the song, her chorus is a grabber and I always find myself singing along with my shower voice. Aside from this catchy chorus, the rhymes offered by the Durban Nyts boys do not really live up to the standard set by the songstress and Trademark’s amazing work on the beat. Instead, their flows are so so and repetitive. Even though this is not a bad song, I doubt it would have gained the so much needed attention it is now enjoying if it were not for the industry legend and Kalawa Jazmee Records co-founder, Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa, aka Oskido.

Over the years, Oskido has become known for snitching fresh talents with new sound before anyone could. This is the man who understands how the music industry works and as a fact, he ensures that he is in touch with tunes making rounds in the streets. He has been consistent in this and ‘Shumaya’ is another testament of his endless efforts in doing his bit to unearth new talents.

Otherwise, this is a song to dance to at the moment until of course it is overplayed and we are all tired of it. We can tell you now that Mpumalanga to North West, Musina to Cape Town and possibly all the neighboring countries are getting down to this jam.

One thought on “A Closer Look At The Hit ‘Shumaya’

  1. pit fresherr

    Trademark ft zinhle ngidi-shumaya….. Dbn nyt to me should only be credited for the shumaya Dance and appearing as dancers(Extras) on the vid


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