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Do Artists Really Need Managers Anymore?

Over time, the music industry has been constantly evolving and managers have continued to play a pivotal role in the accomplishments of the artist they represent. But do artists really need managers anymore?

It’s a bold statement to make, but one may argue the old school management model has left it’s best days behind. However that’s not to say managers won’t or can’t diversify to meet the new needs of artists in the 21st Century.

The old school management model heavily relied on favours, a manager was only as strong as their contact list. The key word was exploitation, armed with a collection of highly powerful contacts a manager could basically sell to the highest bidder.

The reality of the modern music industry is change. It’s constantly changing quicker than most people would like to think, this results in artists diversifying and embracing the “do-it-yourself” culture.

The most important thing an artist, particularly a band (if this applies to you) can do is to assign each member a role. In the early days of your career you are only performing for a short period of time, use the time off stage wisely.

The world is your oyster is a statement that is heavily over used but is 100% relevant. The development of your core fan base is essential, you don’t build a house without foundations right?

Word of mouth is still the best form of promotion and for all the contacts a manager has, consumer power/people power has a far greater influence in the grand scheme of things. A revolution doesn’t usually occur from the people at the top.

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