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Getting Your Music On TV And Film

While the music industry is highly competitive, the Film and TV music industry is a niche that can serve as an avenue for great financial rewards for Songwriters and Composers. This sector involves getting songs, musical scores and compositions placed in TV productions or full-length movies.

There are new shows debuting every day, all of which require music to be placed in some parts. However, the supply far outweighs the demand, resulting in many artists having to find creative ways to connect with Film/TV Producers. Songwriters and Composers may have to network their way into a Producer’s professional circle before even getting a chance to send their material. Although demand isn’t high, it is constant, as TV shows and movies need musical compositions and songs in all forms and genres to heighten their entertainment value and make them artistically complete.

So, how do you get your music in front of these Producers, many of whom may not even have time to meet with you? The key is to be constantly making the right connections while being patient, in addition to creating high quality, original content. Having taken care of making high quality, radio-ready music, you should then focus on the process of networking to have a chance of connecting with a Film or TV Producer.