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Interview: Euphonik Living His Dream

Themba Nkosi best known as Euphonik, broke into the industry as an ordinary spinner, but what set him apart from the rest was the big dreams he had. Those who met him during the early days of his career came across a determined individual who simply wanted people to listen to his DJing ability. From humble beginnings as a resident DJ at Who Zoo in Midrand (Gauteng), Euphonik has become a successful brand and a force to be reckoned with.

Taking a step back, this young multi-talented individual says he always had a proper career plan and knew where he wanted to take it. “When I started, I wanted to get a DJing residency and then moving to radio as a mix DJ. I am fortunate that things have been happening fast for me, but I had a proper plan in place as to how I would push my career, which should be something important to any DJ,” says Euphonik.

Armed with passion and desire, the talent went on to achieve milestones in the music industry as a member of the trio Kentphonik, music producer, A&R specialist for SoulCandi, 5FM radio jock and a TV presenter.

There is no doubt that relationships are important, and through mutual friendships with other industry players the star has been able to achieve most of his goals. But it was his business link with Thato ‘DJ Fresh’ Sikwane that helped Euphonik to explore even more opportunities. It is through this relationship that the duo managed to combine their fans through F.eU, releasing albums, hosting events around the country and at the Miami Winter Conference, Oh Ship cruise, having a radio slot on 5FM and acquiring a TV show on SABC 3. Going forward, the talent added more success to his name by opening a clothing store in Johannesburg Braamfontein and releasing his range of sneakers.

“Most of the initiatives that we do start as a simple chat but we brainstorm a lot. We look at the opportunities we can take on, things that have been done and how we can fill in the gap.”

It is clear that Euphonik has put in work to achieve his goals, but what also seems to have worked for him is his smart thinking and the will to assist in further exposing local music to the world. “I want to continue doing amazing things, not for the wrong reasons [but] because I have a passion and vision. I look at everything in my life, what I have achieved and how to use all of that to help others.”

Along with working hard to boost his career, the spinner has also become a master of being able to brand himself uniquely. Commenting on this, he says branding is vital to anyone’s DJing career. “People don’t often remember you for what you said to them, but rather how you made them feel. It starts with having a unique, sellable name, and people being able to associate themselves with your brand and experience it.”

Looking at how technology has taken over, Euphonik thinks it has become a whole lot easier for people to market themselves than it used to be. Even though the DJ market is somewhat overpopulated, the multi-talented individual strongly believes that people should outline day-to-day marketing tasks and stick to the plan. “It’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email and all other social mediums that people can use to push their brands. Unlike before, today I can simply sit in one room and market my brand to the world.”

The social media and electronic platforms are not the only tools to use; this talent also sees a lot of other opportunities for anyone to take advantage of: “Look at me and what I do; I use all these platforms to push my brand. You listen to radio, you will hear my music; you watch TV, you will see me; you go to a record shop, you will find my music, you go online, I am there and if you drive around, you will see a poster with my name. I also do a lot of outdoor marketing. There are endless possibilities that you can use to push your career.”

Euphonik is certainly enjoying the fruits of his labour – his journey has thus far been fun, amazing and incredible!

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  1. jmakhulele

    i would love to see myself becoming one of the best and uniquie dj who will bring new style on house music apperent making and pple r loving it


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