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Kay Tyler – Music Saved Me

Not so long ago we received an email requesting that we listen to Kay Tyler’s tunes and hopefully review them. We jumped at the opportunity and listened to four of his tunes but there was one song in particular that caught our attention…

Even though Kay Tyler may not be known to us, his song ‘Music Saved Me’ has a potential to grow big in the hearts of R&B fans and mesmerize them with its carefully crafted soothing beats and catchy sing-along chorus.

True to the game, Kay Tyler’s lyrical content is incredibly slick and well packaged. The overall production and the artist’s singing style take center stage. Throughout the song, Kay Tyler offers his best vocal takes, effortlessly swinging on the melodies and introducing himself in a more matured manner.

Truth be told, Kay Tyler has created a song that is simultaneously unsettling and gorgeous. One can simply say, the artist owns up to being here, to the fact that he means business and willing to work overtime to increase his footprint. We are impressed!

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