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Kyle Deutsch, Aewon Wolf And Sketchy Bongo – Wildside

Here at Music Link, we have been slowly falling in love with Durban based producer, Sketchy Bongo’s production. Even though he has been in the game for a little while, his first big mainstream penetration was with ‘Back To The Beach’ of Shakhenah and Kyle Deutsch. From there on, the music doctor has teamed up with a number of singers and as expected, most of those songs are hits! Picking up where he left off, the producer has once again joined forces with Kyle and Aewon Wolf on a new jam titled, ‘Wildside’.

For a guy who specialises in more of pop-ish sound, allow us to give props where it is due. Sketchy Bongo along with his accomplice deliver a hard-to-resist song that fits in so well in the current style of music that’s being consumed.

While the whole production of this tune is something to brag about, the build up to the chorus is melodically perfect and the bridge that follows is well timed.

The keyboard that opens the song instantly tips off the listener that this tune is more elegant than the usual radio single. Shortly after the keys take a lead, the song presents its signature hook that is simultaneously one of the catchiest continuous musical takes on this composition.

Electronic beats then kick in and featured rhymes by Aewon Wolf take the center stage. This is a powerful lyrical showcase and when Kyle hits the chorus, the overall production sounds a lot more like an international creation.

We can’t get enough of this record! Oh, Universe… if this is what defines the future of South African sound, then it’s brighter than ever.