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Limpopo Music Talents Up In Arms

Limpopo artists have jot an open letter through Arts & Culture Youth Forum to the provincial Arts and Culture department, voicing their concerns on how they are being ill-treated and not taken seriously by the department. According to this letter, the artists are gatvol and will do anything possible to put a stop to what has been described as, “the arrogance shown by the department.” Read the letter below and share your thoughts.


Despite our numerous attempt to engage with Limpopo Department of Sports, Arts & Culture on the development of the creative sector in the province, Limpopo Arts & Culture Youth Forum have noted with concern the arrogance shown by the Department and some of its officials.

We have noted that the Department is not committed to empowering Limpopo artists and make arts, and culture of economic value to our people.

The MEC keeps allowing herself to be mislead by officials whose job is to gate-keep artists from practicing and benefiting from their God given talents.

We want to state categorically clear that we will remain defiant if we keep writing e-mails and letters to the MEC who is not willing to see young people. We will never bow down; be apologetic; kiss or praise anyone for what so ever reason.

All we want is radical change now; nothing less and nothing more.

We don’t want handouts, we don’t want freebies, we don’t want to be branches or extension of any political party, we are equally not going to be some “mobilization unit” of any government department nor micro managed by any individually driven agenda. Our agenda is to create and fight for a platform that benefits young people in the creative industry.

We have started and we shall never rest until we see young people in creative industry allowed a platform for development and lead their respective communities towards a Democratic, United, Non Racist, Non Sexist and Prosperous South Africa.

We will be engaging with our members on a way forward and what needs to be done in order to address our frustration. We cannot claim that all is well when we have countless unanswered questions while the Department is being run like a spaza shop.

One thought on “Limpopo Music Talents Up In Arms

  1. ThatO Herold

    I am one of the limpopo Music talents… archivement is to inspire kids on my age to stop to abuse their bodies and have something in mind


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