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Mshoza – Abantu Bam

Controversial singer and industry news-maker, Mshoza has resurfaced this time around not for all the wrong reasons but with a new single, ‘Abantu Bam’.

Resonating the old kwaito sound, one has to bow down to the thinking behind this song, from the beat to the rhymes – this is a good attempt. Of course Mshosa is talented, she actually did justice to this tune, no wonder ‘Abantu Bam’ is also nominated for the Metro FM Music Awards.

Content wise, the female rapper reminds people about where she comes from, how her tunes used to blaze the airwaves, bleaching her skin to thanking her friends for having her back – ultimately giving birth to the title, ‘Abantu Bam’.

While the artist is able to carry the song from the beginning to the end, it would have been a lot better if she had featured someone like kwaito kingpin, Zola 7 to add a bit of flavor to an already thumping jam. No doubt, Zola 7 could have taken this tune to greater heights!

Not taking anything away, in all honesty, this is a fairly dope track and can shake up things if well marketed.

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