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Music Producers: Play By Ear

When you produce music for a living, you always have to keep the grand design in mind. The big picture is made up of lots of little pieces, and every single little piece has to be perfect in order for the masterpiece to be flawless. This means that everything has to come together, perfectly, every time. Your ears are your best guide to the world of music. Your ears need the best education that you can get them.

It is more than trying to find the “perfect beat”, though that is definitely important. Finding the perfect beat is a lifetime quest, and there are many people out there searching.

When you know how to do it, you find a lot of uses for it. Music is a tough racket, and every edge you can carry helps you along. If you can hear a pitch, then you can match it. Moreover, you can remember it.

When you are in the studio and you are searching for just the proper hook, it will help to know where to lay your hands on it. This is a skill that you will benefit from and any musician you are producing for will have your expert auditory skills to ensure they are getting the very best production on their tracks.

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