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Nathi – Uniquely Gifted Artist

It is more likely that after studying the music industry, the unknown talent by the name of Nathi Mankayi decided to take the not so popular route of working on a xhosa ballad song titled, ‘Nomvula’ which is from his album, Buyelakhaya. Even though the artist is fairly new in the music industry, one must commend his move of not getting carried away and following what everyone is doing.

Through his music, the talent is certainly going to command a lot of respect from industry executives and ordinary people. What’s more impressing about ‘Nomvula’ is that, those behind the scene opted to use minimal music instrumentation, a move that granted Nathi to fully showcase his vocal talent.

With the simple song structure, this one reminds me of Gladys Knight’s words she shared during a live recording, asking “when is the music gonna get back to simple and basic? Coz I wanna go back to a time when the music touched your heart and your soul and your mind and your body!” It is as if these words were meant for Nathi, to lead him back to the basics and take people down memory lane.

After doing some digging to find out more about Nathi, it was no surprise that the talent is signed to Muthaland formally known as Ghettoruff – an independent label owned by veteran, Lance Stehr. Ever since the label started trading under Muthaland umbrella, it also went under the knife – dropping most of its old artists and welcoming the likes of R&B crooner, Vusi Nova.

Coming back to the song, with its well-cooked musical instruments and irresistible vocal takes, ‘Nomvula’ is likely to penetrate the local market in a big way.

Truth be told, there is versatility, outstanding music genius methodology and charismatic vocal talent. This song will make people go back to the basics and appreciate old songs that did not need any instrumentation to set the mood.

For this one, allow us to also wear tuxedo, suspenders and, crockett and jones shoes because the dance-floor is all ours!

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