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POLITIK – ‘Rage On’

The outrageously beautiful and moody track, ‘Rage On’ is the second single released from POLITIK’s upcoming full-length album.

‘Rage On’ is one of the songs that POLITIK composed while travelling the coasts of Europe, Australia, Asia, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and the American east coast. After two years of sharing their music abroad, Nicola Mayer (Vocals & Keys), Kyle Kokott (Drums) and Michael Fourie (Guitar), have returned to South Africa to record their debut album, which launches next month.

‘Rage On’ is a song that describes desire to push on through more challenging times. According to the band, the song was written during a time of introspection and a moment of silence which lead them to write about this overwhelming urge to overcome any space of darkness they face in their lives from time to time.

The track ties in with the album’s theme of seeking answers throughout life and love.

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