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The Soil – Lawula Nkosi

From the beginning, The Soil has proven that they always have something unique to offer. With so much enthusiasm, the band’s ability to give the audience more than what they have asked for has always been their winning charm.

Truth be told, The Soil is always able to breathe a new life to an old school song effortlessly. That, they have constantly maintained and sometimes even raising the bar a little bit up.

‘Lawula’ which is from their latest offering, Echoes of Kofifi is no exception. This is a more religious-inspired lyrics song with noises joyful enough to ward off any demons. Like their previous compositions, this tune feels carefully considered yet uncontrived. Unlike their dancing song, this one is down-tempo jam filled with so much energy.

One thing for sure, if The Soil can deliver such a majestic song, imagine how their whole album sounds.

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