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In The Mix

From top South African DJs that are wowing the world, to underground movement spinners who are true to the craft, this section offers you a good dose of tunes that are perfectly mixed together – something we call a music marathon.

This journey is a selection of weekly updated list of mixtapes, mega mixes or a DJ on the ones and twos. It doesn’t matter the style of music you like, In The Mix brings you a variety of musical takes from house, soulful, deep sounds, jazz, kwaito, hip-hop to anything you might find interesting. All you do here is to always prepare yourself for a quality musical experience. Welcome to In The Mix.

A young man dances to Kwaito music near his friend's sound system and car wash business on the streets of Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, South Africa September 24, 2007. Kwaito fans and artists often meet at a Saturday car wash to discuss music and neighborhood happenings. Kwaito, the musical genre emerging out of the South African townships at the end of apartheid, has traveled from homes, into the clubs, and out onto the streets, evolving into an urban culture that has swept the countries youth into communalized rebellion and self-expression through music and dance. Not unlike early blues and hip-hop in the US, Kwaito tells stories - of life impoverished, but also of being young and sexual and free. This work looks at Kwaito culture in the South African townships of Johannesburg..

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